× Risk Warning: Buying or selling financial instruments may result in the loss of part or all of your invested funds.


  • Investment portfolio is the instrument imposing a risk to your investment capital limited to your individual security level at 80%-95% of the capital invested – depending on investor risk appetite.
  • Risk of loss of capital decreases as investment horizon extends – the term for which you are allocating your funds. We advise you to consider return results for a 2-3 year term for a more objective assessment of an investment strategy.
  • Systemic crises of the leaders (the US, EU, China) create additional risks. At the initial stage of panic market decline (2008-2009 гг.) almost all classes of assets lose in price, which results in an evident short-term depreciation of the portfolio. In a long-term prospect (1-2 years) the portfolio demonstrates recovery.
  • In contrast to analogous services, we use short positions to sell, which makes it possible to bring losses in the times of market declines to the minimum and even increase the capital volume.
  • The individual portfolio characteristics return/risk presented to the investor are supported on a long-term perspective – 2 years and up. Deviations from the characteristics presented are possible within the indicated diapason.
  • The company charge a fee of 1% annually of the volume of investment capital regardless of return results. The accumulated fee is written off at the moment of the customer’s withdrawal of funds from his personal account. A minimum fee of 0.5% is charged regardless of the term of customer funds allocation.