We do not copy already existing investment technologies. We develop our own algorithmic models making it possible for investor to maximize returns at minimum risk.

The instruments we offer reside on the Global Asset Allocation principle – mature/emerging markets economies, commodities markets, precious metals, hedge fund strategies. The portfolios are protected against market/currency risks of a specific economy.

Security of customer funds is our priority, hence all our products guarantee capital protection. The investment is controlled by an algorithm which regularly optimizes the portfolio depending on the market conditions. Such automation eliminates the human factor and, therefore, subjective risk valuation.


  • European regulation
  • Insurance of customer funds
  • Capital protection level up to 95%
  • Investment declaration
  • Total control over investment


  • Open formula of the portfolio
  • Clear risk management principles
  • Open monitoring of returns
  • Automated statements
  • Feedback


  • Global investment strategy
  • Protection against stock market risks
  • Original mathematical models
  • Absence of the human factor
  • Low fees

Consistent and secured income

IFCM Capital helps you invest in your future – retaining and consistently increasing your capital year on year. We make it possible for you to look ahead with confidence and ensure financial security for your family and you. Face the future with confidence!