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Automated Portfolio Investments

(Robo-advisor) - the future of investing and your business

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Offer your clients an online platform that will allow them, on the basis of the algorithm, to automatically form and optimize an investment portfolio corresponding to the risk profile of the client.

Expected Annual Return

($): 9-15%

Capital Protection


Most Accessible Service:

only $3.5Kper month

Commercial attractiveness of White Label from IFCM.CAPITAL:

Automated Portfolio Investments

Hybrid solutions form investment portfolios with ($) 9-15% annual return

Automated portfolio optimization provides high profitability and maximum protection of investments

Global access to personal investment portfolios in 24/7/365 mode from anywhere in the world and from any gadget

Access to global markets

Full customization of the service

Banks can provide a service based on our IT developments, while maintaining their corporate style and complementing it with individualized solutions.

Clients use the usual bank interface in the usual design.

The bank (or a financial institution) can additionally offer exclusive investment models in Robo-Advisor developed by its analysts.

Seamless integration

Allows rapid integration within the framework of the REST API architecture through a secure protocol.

No purchase of computing power is required. All computing power is on the side of IFCM.CAPITAL.

Cross-platform - no restrictions on the platforms used by the bank.

Financial benefit

Only for $3.5K rent per month, comparable with the salary of a mid-level employee, the bank implements an innovative investment service for its customers.

Тhе service is convenient, profitable and transparent for clients, and the bank recoups its expenses from the total investments of clients from $3 million per year.

Self-development and support of the service will be much more expensive for the bank and will take a long time.

Perspective of Expert Advisors
Forecasted estimate of the share of Robo-Advisor in the total volume of private assets under management by 2020 (trillion $) ***

Forecasted share of investments under management

Robo-Advisor by 2020 = 10,9 trillion

Forecasted total volume of private investments

under management in 2020 = 109,3 trillion

Interested institutions:

Transition of services into online channels. The possibility of automation of investment services and corresponding reduction in costs. The potential segments of banking services - private banking, brokerage, trust management. The opportunity to quickly attract new clients - middle class from large cities. Working with a new audience online. Clients get the opportunity to invest funds from any geographic region without going to the office of the bank. The bank in its turn offers products that are focused on the individual risk preference of a client. This, in turn, expands audience of the bank.

An additional channel for attracting long-term investors and increasing trading activity. An offer of secure investment format - reduction in long-term risks. The attraction of conservative, "non-speculative" market participants - an additional audience of the brokerage company. Brokerage companies get the opportunity to create a secure investment product that corresponds to the risk preference of a client. Clients of the company get quick access to appealing financial instruments, an opportunity to invest without having specialized knowledge of financial markets.

The opportunity to create a transparent investment product within the framework of trust management service. Hedge funds mostly do not divulge investment strategies, providing clients only with general investment principles. An automated robo-advisor can be built on the basis of a transparent algorithm available to the client. Automated investments - as well as a partial exclusion of the human factor. Despite the fact that the manager forms the algorithm of the automated adviser, there is no intervention of the manager in the work of the algorithm during market volatility. This profitably distinguishes the robo-advising service from the classical form of trust management.

Automated formation of the investment policy of insurance. Interaction with the manager can be replaced by an online interface that determines the risk profile of the client. Automation and cost reduction, contraction of the staff of personal consultants of the insurance company. This allows reducing the waiting time for the client and, as a result, increase his loyalty. A hybrid scheme of interaction with the client is also possible - a preliminary drafting of the insurance plan and the further communication with the manager of the company.

The opportunity to speed up the process of composing an investment portfolio for a private client, increase business turnovers. Private consultants often do not have the ability to serve a growing flow of clients. They have to abandon less wealthy customers because of the lack of human resources. Automated service allows reaching an additional audience. At the same time, the segment of the most wealthy clients can be still served in an individual format by private consultants. Thus, the optimal combination of automation and individual approach allows increasing business turnovers of an independent consultant several times.

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