× Risk Warning: Buying or selling financial instruments may result in the loss of part or all of your invested funds.

Portfolio Trading & Analysis

The new trading approach GeWorko Method offers new opportunities for perfect portfolio investment, analysis, trading and management. Moreover, it provides traders with an opportunity to create their own unique financial products. What is important for investors is to have a great number of instruments at their disposal. Hence investors can create efficient portfolios combining different assets included in distinct classes.

New Trading Approach

Growing requirements for modern trading technologies and complex interrelations between financial assets drive the development of new approaches to analysis and trading. Such a new approach has been developed and is offered by trading technologies development company NetTradeX with the support of financial company IFC Markets. The joint product is called "Composite portfolio trading method GeWorko."

New Ways for Analysis of Financial Markets

IFC Markets and NetTradeX Corp. present a new method of portfolio analysis that makes constructing, analyzing and managing asset portfolios simple and manageable for everyone. GeWorko is a unique method that allows to create balanced portfolios from multitude of assets, diversify Your investments, avoid risks and multiply Your chances for profit.

Expanding the Range of Financial Instruments

Geworko Method is for traders who value the availability of large number of trading instruments: investors, who have a vast experience on the market, and have worked out a trading system (mechanical or visual, based on the recognition of some iterative graphical images). The more instruments are available, the more opportunities to enter the market arise. Therefore, the ability to create your own instruments granted by Geworko Method becomes priceless.