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How to Create by PCI Geworko

Please proceed with the following steps that guide through creation of PCI by GeWorko, starting from choosing the desired assets, setting the volume for each asset and saving your PCI.

  1. To create a new PCI by GeWorko method make a right-click on the window "Market watch" and select the option "Create PCI GeWorko" from the drop down menu.
  2. Create PCI GeWorko - NetTradeX Trading Platform
  3. In order to create PCI Gin the window opened ("Create Personal Composite Instrument (GeWorko method)") you will need to specify assets which should be included in its construction. Find the assets you need in the list of "Available assets".
    Choose an asset with a click and press one of relocation buttons (arrows on the buttons allow to choose whether the asset should go to the “Base section” ("Base") or “Quotation section” ("Quotation") of PCI GeWorko). As a result, the selected asset appears in the body of PCI and its ticker is removed from the list of "Available assets", as assets can have only one entry in the PCI.
  4. Create PCI GeWorko - NetTradeX Trading Platform
  5. Next you will need to set volume for each asset included in the PCI. One of the ways of setting a volume is through the absolute number of asset units. Enter number of units for all assets in the field "Volume".
  6. Create PCI GeWorko - NetTradeX Trading Platform
  7. To complete the creation process of a new PCI by GeWorko you need to choose a name, and save the composite instrument. Select the option "Save" or "Save As".
  8. Create PCI GeWorko - NetTradeX Trading Platform
  9. In the window "Save PCI As" enter the name of the new PCI in the field "Name". It should start with the symbol "&", should have no spaces and contain no more than 20 characters. After entering the name, click "Save."
  10. Create PCI GeWorko - NetTradeX Trading Platform

You have successfully created your first PCI. To continue, you should close the current window, after which you will be able to open a price history chart of the created PCI and proceed with technical or fundamental analysis.