× Risk Warning: Buying or selling financial instruments may result in the loss of part or all of your invested funds.

How to Trade PCI GeWorko

With the PCI module you will be able not only to create new financial instruments and analyze them applying technical and fundamental analysis, but also to realize trading on any created composite instrument. In order to access trading instructions you should: Create a new PCI GeWorko

1. Open the window of properties of the PCI created. Choose the item "Trade -> Instrument Browser" from the main menu.

Trade PCI GeWorko _ NetTradeX Trading Platform

2. In the window that appears find the PCI you need. Each created PCI is placed in the section "My Instruments".

Trade PCI GeWorko _ NetTradeX Trading Platform

3. Next, make a right-click on the PCI selected and in the context menu choose command "Open".

4. In the opened window of PCI properties you can see the list of positions on standard trading instruments, which you need to open for imitating position opening on selected PCI. Instrument info is indicated for opening a long position.

You can create PCI on your demo or real account, get the charts of that instrument in historical retrospective and make a full technical analysis. If you want to put PCI trading into practice you can buy and sell separate components of PCI in corresponding volumes.
At the beginning of 2014 with the launch of new version of NetTradeX trading platform you will be able to trade PCI, like standard instruments.