Portfolio is made up of Exchange Traded Funds, ETFs. The strategy of individual investor portfolio creation resides upon the Global Asset Allocation, GAA approach. Customer funds are invested in commodity, debt, stock exchanges, precious metals and alternative investments (hedge funds, futures).

Portfolio also features foreign stock exchange with various geographical components (Europe, Asia, the US, Australia etc.). This approach makes it possible to reduce the risk of structure issues of a certain economy and volatility of a certain market. Hedge fund tracker is an independent component of the portfolio. This component provides an opportunity to gain regardless of the world’s economic trends and includes the Long/Short arbitrage strategies. The original scheme of portfolio risk analysis is represented in publications.
Combination of interconnected Buy and Sell positions is the company’s know-how. The analytics team tracks and reveals competitive patterns between adjoining industries and makes a set of market neutral pairs to buy the leading industry and sell the low-performing one.

This portfolio component as well as hedge fund tracker allows to profit from both growing and falling market and has a low level of correlation with main stock indices. Investment capital per each portfolio component is calculated based on a hybrid model combining Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) techniques as well as own volatility prediction analytic instruments.